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Syzygy Research & Technology - Who Are We?

Syzygy Research & Technology was formed in early 1995 to help fill a noticeable void in today's technological society. New discoveries are being made in the scientific fields at phenomenal rates - much greater than ever before in human history. However, at times the average individual can feel that this flood of information is coming too quickly to keep pace with.

Our goal is to create powerful, but easy-to-use software tools to help people learn about the fascinating discoveries occurring on an almost daily basis.

Our first such product, The Digital Universe, is a complete astronomy package for the professional or amateur observer. Featuring research-grade accuracy in simulations of the heavens, this user-friendly software package is highly integrated with a several thousand page hypertext multimedia encyclopedia to help people discover the fascination of the universe around them.

In an additional effort to bring technology to the average consumer, we are offering our services to allow small businesses and individuals to establish their presence on the World Wide Web of the Internet. Even if you know very little about computers, providing information on your products and services to hundreds of millions of Internet users is a market that you cannot afford to overlook. All you need to do is tell us what information you would like to make available on the Internet, and for a fraction of what other organizations charge, we will create the necessary documents and scripts to bring your ideas to life.

If you would like more information on our company or services, you can contact us at:

Syzygy Research & Technology Ltd.
Box 83
Legal, AB
T0G 1L0

Phone: 780-961-2213

email: support@syz.com