How to Honor Your Pledge

Once you receive your connector(s) and/or cable(s), you are able to honor your pledge in one of two ways:

Postal mail:
Send your pledge (more if you are more satisfied, less if you are less satisfied) to:

Syzygy Research & Technology Ltd.
Box 83
Legal, AB
T0G 1L0

Please make all cheques payable to "Syzygy Research". You can use the self-addressed envelope which is included with your order. Please do not forget to indicate who the payment is from on the return address of the envelope, using the same name as was used when the connectors or cables were ordered.

Credit card:
If you prefer to honor your pledge by credit card, you can visit our secure payment web page. Please note that your pledge amount will appear on your credit card statement from Syzygy Research & Technology.

We use secure processing technology endorsed for use by Visa and Mastercard to apply credit card transactions over the Internet. However, if you'd rather not send your credit card information via the Internet, you can always call us at 780-961-2213, or provide your credit card number on the information sheet sent out with your order and mail it to the address above with the included self-addressed envelope.

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