How to Obtain a GPS Connector

Please read this page entirely before placing an order, since the pledge and distribution process is a bit different from what you may be used to.

Where do you live?

If you are located anywhere in the world other than in Canada, we (Syzygy Research & Technology Ltd.) are unfortunately unable to send you a connector for a pledge. Instead, check out the list of distributors at for someone more local to you. You'll gain the benefits of faster service from a local distributor located physically closer to you, as well the convenience of being able to honor your pledge amount in your own local currency. Or, if you prefer, you can consider purchasing one of our prebuilt cables.

If, however, you live in Canada, you've come to the right place! Simply fill out the form below, press the "Submit Order" button, and your connector or connectors will be off to you as soon as possible.

Canadian orders

Connectors are sent out on the basis of a pledge system. The way this works is as follows:

Note that the table below specifies "minimum" pledges, which reflect our own costs in obtaining and shipping the connectors, as well as provide a bit of a buffer for those few who never honor their pledges. But your pledge is just that - if you are unhappy with the connectors, feel free to send in less than you pledged, even if it is less than the so-called "minimum". All we ask is that you let us know what problems you ran into, so that we can continue to improve the service. Of course, if you are happier than expected with the connectors, you are free to send in more than you pledged as well :-) "Typical" pledge amounts per item are pre-entered into the table below, but pledges vary wildly, and of course you are free to set your pledge to whatever you would like.
Email address:
Phone Number:
Postal address:
must be in Canada
Description Minimum Pledge
per item
Quantity Your Pledge
per item
Your Total
eTrex/eMap/Geko (rectangular)
connector only
What is 2+3?
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Don't forget that your pledge is assumed to include the cost of shipping and GST!

If you are requesting more than 2 connectors, we'll require prepayment. You can honor your pledge by credit card immediately after submitting your order.

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