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eTrex/eMap Combination
Data/Power Cable

Round Connector
GPS Data Cable

GPS Power
Inserter Cable

Garmin makes a great series of affordable GPS receivers, but though they can be connected to your computer or powered from an external source, finding or making a cable can be a rather difficult undertaking, as they often use a custom connector not found anywhere else. Garmin does sell several cables to use with their units, however, they are quite expensive (and there is a noted lack of support for the Macintosh!) In an attempt to come up with a cost-effective solution to connect a GPS 38 to a Macintosh, we stumbled across Purple Open Projects (POP) at They have created "sharehardware" variations for some of Garmin's custom GPS connectors, with a unique method of obtaining one:

  1. Make a pledge - a promise to send money or something if you are happy with the connector. Note that the cost of shipping the connector out to you is considered to be included in your pledge.
  2. Email your request to a "Pfranc" (POP franchise) near you. If you're located in Canada, you can order cables and/or connectors directly from us (GST is also considered to be part of the pledge).
  3. Decide how satisfied you are with service and the connector, and then send in your pledge amount (more if you are more happy, less if you are less happy).
Anyway, we were so pleased with the concept (and the great connectors!) that we became the "Pfranc" for Canada!

As mentioned, a couple of different styles of connectors are available. The rectangular connector supports the eTrex and eMap receivers, and the smaller round plug works with the Rino receivers.

Also, prebuilt cables are now available for those of you who would rather not construct a cable yourself. Data cables are ready to be used to connect your Garmin GPS receiver to your IBM compatible computer (or any other device that uses a DB9 serial connection). As well, a power inserter cable can be used in conjunction with the appropriate data cable to provide both power and data capabilities to most receivers. For those using an eMap or eTrex, if you prefer, you can obtain a combination data/power cable that already has both capabilities built in.

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