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The Digital Universe ...introducing the next generation of astronomical simulators.

Digital Universe is a powerful new astronomy simulation package, useful to everyone from amateur enthusiasts to professional astronomers. Combining an unprecedented degree of accuracy and completeness with a massive hypertext multimedia encyclopedia of astronomy, it is the most complete package of its class.

High quality web design and hosting services are our speciality. If you are an individual or company wishing to establish your Internet presence on the World Wide Web, Syzygy will be able to help you out with our full range of services and incredibly low rates. Whether you just require reliable server space to write and host your own web pages, or would prefer that we design and host your pages for you, you will find a package that meets your needs. E-Commerce and customized CGI scripting options are also available

Garmin makes a great series of affordable GPS receivers, but connecting them to a computer can be a difficult matter. Purple Open Projects created "sharehardware" clones of Garmin's two custom GPS connectors, and you can obtain these connectors from Syzygy through a pledge system.

You can also browse through a Study of the accuracy of averaged non-differential GPS measurements.

The Astronomical Image Library is a collection of astronomical links tied to a search engine. There are an incredible number of astronomical images available on the Internet - far too many for a single site to archive. Yet, until now astronomers have been missing a central index of these images.

Do you need some Highly Qualified Computer Consultants to design software and applications to meet your company's needs? Feel free to give us a call! Low overhead makes for reasonable pricing.

Syzygy programmers are well versed in a multitude of programming languages for a wide range of computer platforms. We specialize in C and C++ code written for the Macintosh, Unix/Linux, as well as Internet applications.

Exam Bank is an extremely popular site created and operated by Syzygy. Exambank.com allows Alberta students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 to assess themselves by writing practice exams following the Alberta curriculum. In addition, resources are also available for people in various apprenticeship programs in Canada.